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Jo van Dam

  author  |  poet  |  librarian  |  speaker  

Jo is an NZ Book Award finalist.  She was born in England and emigrated to New Zealand when she was11years old.  Now happily living near the sea in Auckland with her handsome husband, she is the mother of two amazing grown ups. 


Neighbourhood tamariki know and love Jo as the librarian at two local primary schools.  


Jo loves dancing, walking, canoeing and cooking.  She loves her job, the husband, the offspring and, of course, writing a book or two.  

Latest Book Release - T is for Tuatara

T is for Tuatara Amazing animals from A to Z is an alphabet book unlike any other.  From the author of the popular Doggy Ditties from A to Z, inspiration for this new set of delightful silly ditties comes from weird and wonderful creatures from all over the globe.


Beginning with aardvark and ending in zebu, with a selection of crazy birds, reptiles, mammals and fish in between. The rhymes and limericks are bound to make kids giggle.


Did you know dugongs eat only sea grass? And that yellow-eyed penguins are the rarest of the 18 species of penguin?


Both children and adults can learn more about the unusual creatures in the book from the fun facts and questions section at the back of the book.


Jo met a dingo puppy in Australia a couple of years ago... so cute. Maybe 'D' in Doggy Ditties should have been for Dingo...

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